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Kate & Naomi have now finished their training so are now certified balayage masters!

Balayage is growing increasingly more popular because of its lived in versatile look, its a very specialist service when done correctly, so with two of our stylists completing this course it gives you the confidence in trying a new way of colouring your hair!

 You can create a range of different looks using different  balayage techniques, we will provide a full consultation to determine what your hair is currently like and what you'd like to achieve so we can discuss with you the best way to achieve the look you desire.


Balayage £180

Allow 4.5hours

*This price includes full Balayage , Root melt, Olaplex, Gloss & Cut & Blowdry.*

Balayage top up £145 

Allow 3.5hours

*This price includes partial Balayage , Root melt, Olaplex, Gloss & Cut & Blowdry.*

This is only suitable for clients who have already had a balayage colour done by ourselves and its been no longer than 6months since the full balayage was carried out, otherwise this is classed a full balayage again.


Grey coverage £25

Extra bowl £15 per bowl of lightener

*you will only ever be charged a maximum of 2 extra bowls, this is after using x2 bowls with 80g of lightener*

If you would like to book in please give us a call

01364 72444

50% deposit payable up to two weeks before appointment